The Ralph & Richie’s Original food truck has been bringing Cleveland eats to these Cali streets since August of 2015. But what exactly IS Cleveland style food? So glad you asked. It’s the hearty central European inspired cuisine that owner, Fortune Southern, grew up on. Specializing in Polish Boy sandwiches and towering corned beef reubens that boast bold flavors and original sauces, Ralph & Richie’s Original is here to fuel your hustle. 

Fortune grew up helping her mom in the kitchen and always envisioned herself owning a chain of drive thru restaurants. She knew that starting a food truck was a solid step on the journey to be her own boss and make the food she loves. Having worked in the food industry since high school, amassing a wide range of restaurant experience she was ready to make this dream a reality. 

The truck is named after her father, Richard, and a childhood friend's father, Ralph, who both passed away unexpectedly while the girls were in college. Richard was a dedicated businessmen with a fearless attitude and Fortune brings those traits to the Ralph & Richie’s Original truck.

If only the original Richard could see Fortune now, such a proud papa he would be.